Happy dots everywhere….

I’ve got a crush! I’m totally in love with colorful crochet! And I feel like this crush will last for a lifetime!

At the moment I’m spending all my sparetime on a happy blanket filled with sparkling colorful dots..

My plan is to make a fullsize bedspread for the gardenhouse we are rebuildning..

In my imagination it will look so awesome – can’t wait for us to move in… Just have to paint soooo much and build a kitchen and sofabed before it’s moving in day..

Well here are some pics of the bedspread to be…




Thanks for popping by – have a lovely day – hugs Louise


7 comments on “Happy dots everywhere….”

  1. Reserl says:

    Hello Louise,
    the Grannies to look as great and I love color. I surround myself with like colorful because it just makes life more cheerful, everyday life is often sad and hard enough, then you should at least colorful crochet.
    Have a colorful day sincerely the Reserl

    1. louiseelna says:

      Yeah I know exactly what you mean sweetie… We have to sprinkle some rainbow energy sometimes ???

  2. Amy says:

    I love your work and your color choices! Are there any books that you may recommend for making flowers and squares like yours? Thanks!!!

    1. louiseelna says:

      Hello Amy. THANK you so much for your lovely comment. Oooh I love the book called Boho crochet… Found a link to it. Hope it’s useful. And would love to hear from you again ? Hugs Louise


  3. c_flintholm says:

    Kan da godt forstå at du “crusher” på det tæppe!!! Det bliver SKØØØØØØNNNNTT og lige pludselig er det klart!!!!

    1. louiseelna says:

      Det er ligesom bare lagt lidt på hylden pt. Og jeg ender med at bruge det dertilhørende garn til alt muligt andet ?

      1. Charlotte says:

        Ja, sådan går det sommetider ??

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