B E S T news!!!!!

Hey there lovely and caring peops who has followed Donnis life after he broke 4 tiny bones in his paw .. I’ve got AWWWWWWWESOME news!!!


He was ment to have his plaster off on tuesday. Saturday when hubs had left for work, I thought the plaster looked strange. Donni was sooooo busy chewing on it.. I contacted our vet (who was at a musicfestival) and he told me to keep calm…

Suddenly I just had a clear feeling that the plaster would fell off, and that everything would be allright..

I started cleaning the house to shift focus, or else i would be so filled with stress and fear.. And quite right; suddenly the tiny leg was all free again!!!

OMG!!!!! You should have seen Donni.. He went bananas. Like if he was sooooo surprised to discover he had a leg! All needed to happen at once; he chewed, licked, pulled etc in that tiny tiny little weak leg… Didn’t whine once… I contacted the vet again, and agreed we could come by sunday for x-rays…

The x-rays showed that he’s COMPLETELY HEALED. All tiny bones are sitting just right and he will have noooo complications in the future!!!! YEEEEEEHAAAAA!

Now he slowly has to build up muscles in that itty bitty limp leg…..

We are soooo HAPPY… And filled with gratitude! I have so much love in my heart. And THANK GOD there are people who has such a huge heart for animals they dedicate their lifes to helping them!

That’s all for now lovelies – go create awesome lifes.. Lots and lots of hugs Louise


Have a look at how much he has grown since he got the plaster on!!



2 comments on “B E S T news!!!!!”

  1. Alana says:

    Oh Louise! Love these pics of you and Donni and glad that Donni is healing and building up strength again!
    Alana x

    1. louiseelna says:

      Hi there sweetie. THANK you so much for popping by. I know you’re a busy Girl. Lots and lots of hugs from Donni and I

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