I’m just a Girl who has fallen in love with colors. With an urge to create, fantasize, learn, explore, go with the flow and have FUN…

I have so many ideas during the day – some I give birth – and some I let go…

Creating gives me energy.

I’m a visuel geek, see everything in pictures in my imagination, and follow the ideas, that gives me butterflies in my stomach! Sometimes it works as magic, and sometimes it turns up looking like crap and I’ve learned a valuable lesson.

Oh and HI THERE… I’m Louise.. I live in Denmark in a small village on the countryside. Married to Louis. We have no kids – well except from our tiny dachshund Donni.

I follow the tiny bits of joy during a day, always wondering where it might lead.

Why not DREAM SMALL – and experience your dreams come true again and again.. and maybe one day you will discover they were steppingstones to the BIG dream.